Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Right this second, I'm not writing for any reason other than that I haven't posted in nearly a month and I feel bad about it.

Future posts to include:

-thoughts on beauty, the beauty-related things I am willing to do and those that I am not, my strangely wiry, dye-resistant gray hairs, and how all of the above are probably in reaction to my mother and grandmother;

-Thai chicken and coconut soup;

-recycling rotisserie chicken bones and whatnot into tasty broth;

-recent adventures in what I'll call, for lack of better words, complementary and alternative therapies;

-how to market oneself for employment when one's confidence has been torn out and stomped utterly flat (anyone?);

-and funny things uttered by Spouse.

Case in point: On a rare stop at home during a work day morning, Spouse wakes me up and deposits a box of donuts at my feet. That afternoon I am crying because I cannot do what I need to do, and I call him. He asks, "Well, how many donuts did you eat?"

I confess: three. He says, exactly like a plumber would while flourishing the horribly embarrassing item just extracted from your commode, "There's your problem."

I sniffle, "What?"

"You didn't eat enough."

In culinary news, I had amazing, splendiferous luck with chocolate chip cookies recently, specifically the "Chewy" version available here. I tried these last Christmas and they were seriously tasty but flat as pancakes. This time they kept their shape beautifully, despite being all butter, and I'm not exactly sure what the secret was. I did do all brown sugar, and I did do "large" eggs instead of the jumbo ones I usually buy. And I used the called-for temperature instead of second-guessing the oven. And there were more chips. Lots more chips. Am hoping it's the chips.