Monday, October 11, 2010


My internship has ended. There is a job opening there and I am anxiously waiting to hear when my second interview will be. This would be life-changing on a million levels.

My worry meter is running hot, and I feel pretty lost during the day. I need to get on a regular schedule and leave the house a lot more often. There is a litany of tasks I could be doing now that I won't have time to do later. Spouse is home sick today, which always throws me off, and I'm not sure why.

Once I pick up my reserves that have come in from around the state, I will have something like 30 library books on my living room floor. I've blazed through all the fluffy stuff (lots of celebrity memoirs, see Twitter for reviews!) and am now trying to avoid the more imposing tomes. There needs to be a word for the type of procrastination that involves putting off things you actually want to do. I wish I could figure out why I do this!