Friday, May 22, 2009

And it was still hot

This is a blog made by the people responsible for the film of Where the Wild Things Are, that I found when Juniper and Gram's dad linked to it. And here is an absolute gem of a video of President Obama reading the book to a crowd, with his family looking on.

Let me repeat that: The President of the United States, a black man, is shown reading from a beloved, subversive children's book, written and illustrated by a gay man, on what I assume is the White House lawn. This is amazing to me.

Sometime during the 1992 campaign, there was a poll asking who folks would rather have watch their kids, George H. W. Bush or Bill Clinton. Then-Governor Clinton won by a healthy margin, if I recall correctly. I was reminded of that poll watching the President read with obvious facility, peering at the upside-down words from above, making faces and growls where called for with no hesitation at all. In other words: he has read this book to the girls, a LOT.

This to me is more comforting than a pot of tea and a plate of gingersnaps.