Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yeah, go ahead and think I'm smiling at you

Spouse and I spend a lot of time watching movies, and currently we are viewing Alien and its spawn. We watch a lot of "action" films and thrillers, because that's largely what my husband owns. I am largely prejudiced against "action" films, being that I have "taste," and I am just too jumpy for thrillers. Frequently I interrupt movies at particularly gross or scary moments to proclaim, "If this gives me nightmares, I'm waking you up!"

But I really just came here to recount what we just saw over dinner, in Alien Cubed. (And yeah, as you may suspect, this series is pretty much Thumbs Down as far as dining viewing. Yaaack.) Sigourney Weaver, sporting a crew cut, bursts into a large room, where the Evil Warden of the all-male Prison Planet is hectoring the captives. Other than the last line, nothing is an actual movie quote.

Sigourney [panting]: Holy crap! The aliens are here! They're disgusting! We have to do something!

E.W.P.P.: Shut up! You are completely bonkers. You stupid woman. Ima gonna come over there an--

Alien [crawling onto E.W.P.P. from above]: Om nom nom.

Onlooking Prisoner: F--k!

People frequently react to my animated self-expression by dismissing me outright, telling me to calm down, saying that it's cute, or otherwise displaying condescension, and I suspect that's partly why I like this scene so much, but I'd probably like it anyway.