Monday, August 8, 2011

I had no idea there were that many types of blocks.

Updating just for a moment to say that I did get through the summer program, and it was an adventure. We finished on a Friday. By the end of Monday, I had zapped my resume to every elementary school principal in the county. And by the end of Tuesday, I had an offer.

I'm teaching pre-K which starts later than the rest of the grades. This reflects severe state budget cuts but to me it is a huge help, because my LORD, people, my classroom is a mess. There is so much stuff and so many surfaces and everything needs to be thoroughly attacked with antibacterial wipes. I do not know how they used to fit eighteen small people and two adult-size people in there, and am similarly perplexed as to how I am going to fit twenty-two small people and two adult-size people in there.

I will have an aide--the second adult-size person--but s/he hasn't been hired yet. I hope to heck I have some sort of curriculum to follow, too. (I do have a bunch of state standards, but as far as parceling them out over the year, in a way that gets them all taught? I have no idea.)

I am trying to figure out how to regularly blog again without getting myself into trouble. Another worry for another day.