Friday, October 10, 2008

Asparagus haiku

Written after a night out with my mom and grandmother. First we all got horribly lost because the dang road the restaurant was on doesn't exist according to Google. Dinner was mediocre, but the evening was redeemed when we got to the show. Several hours later I visited the loo and panicked, thinking something was terribly wrong with my personal plumbing. Then I remembered: oh yeah, asparagus.

If I spear more of
your spears, will you ease up? My
eyes are watering.

I know it has been
months, but my lover will not
take a single bite.

And I cannot munch
an entire bunch alone.
I'm not a rabbit.

Tonight at Pricey
Steakhouse, I pounced. The side dish
outshined my sad fish.

A most delicious
six spears. But five hours
hence: the smell of revenge.

I'd eschew all the
other veggies if only
you'd quit pulling rank.

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