Saturday, October 25, 2008

Notes to Self: Baking

Note the First: I love our little townhouse, but my one non-negotiable for wherever we choose to live next, whenever that might happen, is going to be a danged window in the danged oven door.

Note the Second: When baking something that must be absolutely, completely cool before it is wrapped in foil, because otherwise it would get gummy: do NOT start bonking around in the kitchen at 8:30 at night, such that the item doesn't come out of the oven until 10:30 and won't be cool until who knows when.

Note the Third, not so much to myself: I am, at this point, thoroughly perturbed at Joy of Cooking. Its snickerdoodles were a disaster, its orange bread mediocre, its crumb cake...kinda crummy. (Spouse deemed it Not Good Enough for His Office.) And as for the previously discussed Mocha Ice Cream Cake? You are to make it with coffee, not mocha, ice cream. Grrrrr. They have the edition I learned on at my branch library and I just may bring it home my next time out.

And yet: Its method for sautéed boneless skinless chicken breasts is easy and delish. I've only messed it up once, and that was after getting it right a couple of times. I also was able to poach BSCBs just fine by improvising on their instructions. So maybe it's not a baking book, but it's better for real food? I suppose I should withhold judgment for right this second.

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