Friday, February 20, 2009

Things I did this week

Observed: I was driving by the City Christian Schools complex and noticed for the first time that one of the buildings said this:



Um, it's been a loooong time since 8th grade Church history, but I seem to recall lions enjoying Christians in the same way Dr. Lecter had an old friend for dinner.

Jobs applied for: One.

Thank-you notes sent (re previous week's interview): Two.

Mood swings (ditto): All over the danged map, ranging from "Oh boy, oh boy, let's go buy me a new suit" to dramatic boo-hooing and subsequent nose-blowing.

Resume tinkering: Fin. My girlfriend, the yoga and dance goddess who went to business school and is fixin' to take over the world, somehow made it all fit on one page in a non-myopic font, doing all the awful futzing with tabs and bullet points that makes me berserk, and the lawyer I ran it by said it was much improved. Woot!

Tax-related procrastination: Persisted, but Spouse is on to me.

Web phenomenon discovered: It's Nannerpus!

Raging craving for: Pancakes.


  1. Mmm, pancakes! Have you tried the Archer Farms apple pancake mix? Yum.

  2. Hmmm. I haven't yet, but I'm thinking apple pancakes might be yummy as anything, and be "healthy" in the way peanut m'n'ms are "healthy." Because there's fruit!

    Also: I hope I didn't make myself look like too much of an ass re Christians and lions. I'm kind of burnt on religion but don't want to alienate anyone either!