Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I shopped 'til I dropped

Note to self: Feeling bad about how many people are subscribed to other people's Twitter feeds, when you don't have a Twitter feed, is really pretty silly.

Took a few days off from reading online stuff--not sure why, it just happened, and I came back and read people's updates, and hey! the world did not end while I was away.

I have been procrastinating severely on Christmas stuff. Yesterday was Run Around and Buy Shit day. I left the house at 11 and got back a little before 7. It was pretty nuts out there.
  • Party City: Decimated. No purchases. May go back for a couple of silly items.
  • Michaels: 2 rolls wrapping paper. Box of cards. Saved something like 19 cents using coupon.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond: Several miscellaneous items (rainbow Twizzlers? Whaaaa?). Refrained from buying paper plates with Spode Christmas tree on 'em, even though Mom would have thought they were a hoot, b/c they were $5 for eight freaking plates. Got to bust out the really good and hard-to-find $10 off a $30 order coupon. Alert: At the end of January, BB&B is going to stop honoring expired coupons!
  • Target: Ok, I went in there to use their clean restroom with the crazy hand dryer, to get change, and patronize their Starbucks. I stayed a LOT longer. Bought Spouse adorable card with Far Side cat cartoon, and three types of pretty paper plates.
  • Then there was a short walk baaaaack to Michaels to put $5 in the Salvation Army bucket. Because the bell-ringing man had been caroling, and it was lovely, and reminded me of hearing people perform on streets and in train stations. Promised Spouse this was the only really silly thing I did.
  • Sam's. Sam's is never fun. But I did get some a-freaking-dorable stamps with nutcrackers on 'em. And a hunk of Gruyere. And five pounds of honey for $10.
  • Fancy Schmancy Booze Store: Was looking for grog, or mead, or something else piratey to go with really cool skull-and-crossbones coffee mug I found at Ross. No luck. They did have a brand of Belgian ale with a pirate on it. I did a pick-your-own six pack and, since I was going basically by Names or Labels I Thought Were Cool (e.g., "Yeti Imperial Stout"), made sure to check with someone to make sure I didn't get all the same kind of beer. Also got, for Spouse and me, some Belgian lambic fruit beers that I knew were tasty. Also got, impulsively, three minibottles, and that was not a good move, because they were like $6 each but hadn't been individually price-tagged.
  • Publix: They had almost everything. Apparently there has been a run on red hots (a.k.a. "cinnamon imperials") in this area, as this was the umpteenth place I'd looked.
  • Kroger: Score on red hots! Yes!

I'm now going out, for what should be the last shopping trip, to find TEN chocolate oranges, an OXO can opener, and a tiny can of Crisco, for to grease the Bundt pan. Hopefully I can knock both these out at...the other Kroger.

And then I have to bake challah and get one zillion cookie doughs going. I am so not gonna make it to yoga tonight.

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